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Always carry a valid passport whenever you travel outside of Canada. It is the only proof of your nationality and identity that is accepted in all countries.

Currently, Canadian require a passport to travel by air or sea to the United States as of June 2009 all Canadians will need a passport if they are visiting the US by land.

You can pick up a passport in one of our Constituency Offices or download the applicable passport online.

For Canadian citizens residing in Canada:

If you are a Canadian citizen living abroad or a non-Canadian living in Canada, you can download passport applications by clicking here.

After you fill out your application form, you will need to obtain passport photos which you can have done at local photo shops or most large department stores.

If you are using the Adult General Passport Application, you will need to include proof of Canadian citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship certificate), and also provide at least one valid government-issued ID with your name and signature. If you are submitting a copy of this ID, both sides must be submitted and signed and dated by a guarantor. A guarantor must be a Canadian citizen 18 years of age or over and must hold a Canadian passport that is valid or has been expired for no more than one year on the day you submit your application.

For those who are using the Simplified Renewal Application, you will need to include your old passport with the application. Your old passport must not be expired more than 1 year. You do not need to provide ID, but you will need to have new date-stamped passport photos, - no guarantor signature required.

Our constituency office mails completed passport applications to Passport Canada every Wednesday afternoon after 3pm. You are welcome to bring in your passport and our staff will check it for you and send from our office. Currently the processing time for applications sent from our office is approximately 4 weeks. Your passport will be mailed directly to your home address.

If you have any questions about your passport application, please don't hesitate to call our office at 613-969-3800 and we'll be pleased to help you.


Want to make sure your photos are accepted by Passport Canada? Click on the link below for helpful tips and guidelines!

Step-by-Step Guide: Passport Photos


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